Each hour long session is tailored to your goals. Sessions are scheduled in advance and can be paired with group training as well for maximum results. Most clients train 2 days per week to take advantage of a focused upper and lower body workout. 

We would like to meet you first to go over your goals, experience, medical history, etc. so we can start outlining a potential plan to help you reach those goals in a sustainable way. Our goal is to teach you how to exercise properly so you aren't dependent on us.

Check out the Personal Training page or you can simply Choose your Trainer.


Each nutrition session is scheduled in advance with our nutritionist. The length of each session depends on your package but ranges from 30-60 minutes. We work with you to fine tune your nutrition habits and help your reach your body composition goals through sustainable eating practices. 

At our first meeting, we take a detailed inventory of your current eating habits, preferences, allergies, etc. and then outline an eating plan that optimizes your energy level and helps you reach your goals. 

Check out our Nutrition programs here.


You'll join 5-10 others for a group based workout. Sessions are always different and will challenge you to work smarter and develop your skills while burning calories and having fun. 

Come on over and take your first class on the house!  Once you decide to join, you are welcome to drop in to any class for $30 or you can buy 10 classes for $200. We also offer unlimited classes for $175 per month so you can take advantage of our diverse class schedule.

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We serve start ups and tech companies in the Sunnyvale, Cupertino, Santa Clara and San Jose areas.