$99 for 1 comprehensive assessment and 2 fundamental sessions

  • What: Three 1-hour, one on one personal training sessions

  • Who: This is designed for anyone interested in personal training or group classes looking to improve their overall health and fitness

  • Why: Assessing your current level of fitness and ability is necessary to building (or revamping) a successful exercise routine. Once you've understood your starting point, you can hone your skills through our fundamental sessions to further improve your technique, or correct any imbalances you have. With this package, you'll be a doer, not just a follower in your group class.


Invite friends, family, strangers, basically everyone you know to 3FIT. If they sign up for any of our regular training packages, you'll receive a free personal training session (up to a $95 value). The rewards are exponential so the more people you refer, the more free training you get! For example, refer 1 friend, get 1 session, refer a second friend, get 2 sessions. That's 3 sessions for 2 friends! Same deal for the group classes :)


Last Saturday of the month is friends and family day. If you’ve signed up for a group class, bring a friend or family member to the same group class on the house. It’s important to share the things that help you feel good and stay strong.


3FIT shirts: $15 for any style

3FIT head bands: $10 for any color

3FIT hoodies: $45