We aren't the bragging type so we'll let our reviews on Yelp and Google do the talking (we do brag about our clients achieving their goals though!) 

Without support from our clients we wouldn't be able to reach more people who need help. Thanks so much for spreading the word and leading by example for your friends and neighbors. 

Marcel is like no other trainer and 3Fit is no ordinary facility !!!

At 54 I’d just about given up on fitness until I started working out with Marcel. He truly cares about each and every client and meets you at your level while challenging, instructing & motivating. He makes sure you understand the what and why behind the activity while continuing to fine tune your technique to get the most out of each and every movement.

I’ve never been that into my workout but I am here when I’m at 3Fit!!! I feel stronger & healthier than I ever have despite not being at a good weight ( my next goal) .
— HT T.
The first time I worked out with Max was when my usual trainer was out of town. No matter the atmosphere, it is always a little nerve-wracking to work out with a new trainer for the first time. Immediately, I was put at ease by Max’s easy going nature and friendly personality. Within minutes I found myself chatting and laughing with him and all anxiety was quickly forgotten. We spoke about my personal fitness goals and what my sessions generally looked like with my usual trainer. Our first session kept to the style I was normally used to.

Over those years I had several sessions with Max. We varied the style and nature of our workouts and I left every single one of them tired and accomplished. He made a point to listen to my feedback regarding injuries that I had suffered in the past (a torn ligament in one knee and a dislocated wrist) that could pose problems during workout from time to time. He worked within those limitations as they presented themselves, but always made sure to push me to my limits. I never once felt like he pushed me beyond a limit that was safe or comfortable for me, but neither did he treat me as though I was less than capable of reaching my potential during a workout.

His positive and focused nature lends him a unique advantage when training his clients that pushes them to reach their own individual goals and push past their own perceived limitations. I look forward to working with him again in the future and watching him grow as a trainer.
— Siobhan N.