Aimee trained with me for 1 year. She worked out for 2 days per week with me, did 2-3 days of cardio on her own and followed a meal plan designed for her body type. She lost over 80lbs!!! By the end of our training I was preparing her for the firefighter training test.



Mark lost close to 50lbs over the last 1.5 years. He went from roughly 28% body fat to 13% body fat! He trains 2 days per week and does cardio and weights on his own 3 other days per week. He has gained tremendous strength and endurance from when he started. He is still currently training 2 days per week to continue to improve his overall strength and endurance.

mark before and after.jpg


Chris originally started doing group classes and the nutrition program. The after picture was taken only 3 months after we started. He was so impressed with his results he signed up for personal training as well to improve his strength.



Nina has lost over 55lbs. She trains 2x per week, follows the 3Fit nutrition program and attends a few group classes a month. She has been training for roughly 1.5 years and is continuing to see progress through her program. Her friend originally got her to join in on a partner session (not without a lot of protesting from Nina) and after a few sessions she was hooked. Now she is living a much healthier lifestyle and in the best shape of her life!

nina before and after pic.jpg

ian before and after.JPG

Ian lost over 5% body fat. We trained 4 days per week for a little over a year. Now Ian schedules sessions when he is back in town (he lives in D.C.) to get refresher sessions and updated homework. He significantly improved his strength and endurance for all the basic lifts (benchpress, squat, deadlift), and prides himself on making his workouts harder and harder each time he trains. He truly lives the 3Fit method :)



Denise lost over 45lbs with nutritional guidance and training 2 days per week for about a year. She was 57 when she started and accomplished such a major life change it inspired some of her other friends to start working out as well. She now trains 1 day per week on a maintenance program and enjoys Zumba classes 2 days per week.


Jay collage.jpg

This is the result of one year of consistent hard work. Jay trained 4-5 days per week focusing on good nutritional habits and a combination of strength and circuit training. We built out programs for him over the year and he practiced on his own. After an initial bout of personal training to teach proper technique, we would check in 1-2 times per quarter to touch up on the program or correct any issues that came up.