Group classes are a fun and challenging way to get in shape and stay fit in a group setting. Our classes will challenge you from head to toes and help improve your endurance, strength, and mobility.

$30 to drop in, $200 for 10 classes ($20 per class), or $175 per month for unlimited classes *

* unless otherwise stated


Total body fitness

Mondays, Wednesdays

7am - 8am with Aaron

This class is geared towards challenging your entire body with functional exercises. Be prepared to use various training tools such as medicine balls, kettle bells, free weights, etc. to work up a serious sweat. Core work is always built in to this class so you can build up the skills to train safely while still pushing your limits.

Injury Prevention & Functional Training


5.30am - 6.30am with Chris

This class is not your typical “let’s get down and stretch” kinda class.  This class challenges your body through strength, power, body control, and body awareness.  If you are new to exercising, you will understand why we do exercises and how to feel each and every muscle working as one. You will learn how to properly execute a movement while increasing flexibility, strength, and lean muscle and how to apply these movements to everyday life. The class will combine weight training with cardio and controlled bursts of intense anaerobic exercise with measured recovery periods. You’ll burn more calories and increase your lean body muscle!

Strength and Conditioning


7am - 8am with Max


6pm - 7pm with Chris

The strength and conditioning class is a healthy mix of developing strength and play ground style fun. In this class you'll find traditional equipment like dumbbells and barbells paired with conditioning work like agility drills and mini HIIT circuits. This class is the perfect start to your day and will leave you feeling invigorated and strong. 


Zombie Apocalypse Survival Training


10am - 11am with Marcel

This class is geared towards developing all forms of fitness in any situation. Be prepared to use all different types of equipment but especially tools that challenge your core and your coordination (sandbags, kettle bells, slammer balls, etc.). We do a fair amount of core work and partner work in this class as well. After all, surviving zombie apocalypse alone would be boring.


Tuesdays, Thursdays

6pm - 7pm with Marcel

This class is exactly what you need to break the monotony of a routine. Be prepared to work with everything from sandbags, kettle bells, slammer balls, battle ropes, etc. to challenge your body from head to toe. We focus on a balanced mix of strength and stamina so you can perform at your best. No two classes will be the same so if you like variety, you’ll love this class.  




7pm - 8pm with Aaron

In this class, you'll perform compound multi joint exercises to build strength and power, followed by supporting accessory work. It'll help you perfect your technique and understanding of barbell squats, presses, and deadlifts.


Restore & Recover


6pm - 7pm with Holly

Stretch your whole being through this hour long class where recovery, flexibility, and mobility are front and center. Utilizing a variety of techniques, programs and disciplines, each session will focus on helping your joints and muscles recover from use or injury as well as help prime our bodies for future use. An excellent class for anyone looking to give their body a little TLC.