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60 Day Shoulder Mobility Challenge

Goal: To improve your shoulder mobility, flexibility and strength

Why should you participate:

  • Improve your range of motion

  • Reduce pain in your shoulders

  • Play with your kids and pick them up pain free

  • Carry groceries with ease

  • Do your gardening without wrecking your shoulders

  • Reach into the back seat of your car without pain

  • Get better at exercises like shoulder press and push ups

  • Fix common shoulder issues during bench press and overhead press

  • Be a better human being

When is this taking place:

  • Starting July 16th
  • Ending September 10th
  • 8 weeks of focused and systematic shoulder mobility work

How will you participate:

  • Once you've submitted your payment of $99 through paypal you will be added to a private facebook group.
    • Add 3Fit-fitness-nutrition to your friends list so I can find you or PM me so I can add you.
  • Interact with your fellow 3Fitters on the page, ask questions and post feedback or suggestions to the group about how you integrate the mobility work into your training and daily life.

  • You will upload your initial assessment video to the private group.
    • All subsequent weekly videos can be uploaded to the same thread you started with your initial video.
  • Your final video will be uploaded to the same thread as your initial assessment video so we can directly compare thee results as a group.

What we provide:

  • Weekly videos for you to follow and detailed instructions to practice the techniques on your own

  • Form correction

  • Weekly check ins

  • A systematic approach to applying the skills you’ll learn.

  • Q&A

What do you need to do:

  1. Baseline video for day 1


  3. Progress video at the end of every week

The person with the most progress gets a 3fit shirt and headband and a kick-ass shoulder!

Cost: $99

To Enroll:

After Enrolling in the course using the button below, like/follow 3Fit's Facebook page so we can find you on Facebook, and send a request to join the Facebook group.


The techniques use are based on FRC principles