Holly grew up involved in dance programs and team sports. But, as many of us experience, school, work and eventually starting a family became front runners for her attention and her overall fitness condition declined. After having two children and gaining substantial weight, Holly took the leap and hired a  personal trainer.

With this new to her tool, she finally found motivation to make a life change and train for her first half marathon. Since working with her first personal trainer, Holly has achieved her initial goal of running a half marathon, maintained a 70lb weight loss, and has new goals of working to be stronger and live the healthiest life she can. Through this journey, Holly has been inspired to help others with their fitness goals and ultimately earned her personal trainer certificate.

With her dance background, Holly feels stability, mobility, and flexibility are essential to our activities of daily living and beyond. Using strength training and functional fitness, Holly enjoys creating fun yet challenging workouts for clients with a wide variety of short and long term goals.


Holly likes to keep herself and her kiddos as busy as possible. While she is very active at the gym, she can also be found cooking & baking, homeschooling, playing video games, creating slightly inappropriate greeting cards & crafts, and whatever other trouble strikes her fancy at the time. She is for sure always up for an adventure, challenge or just a good time!


American Council on Exercise CPT

Stick Mobility Level 1

Certified FRC Mobility Specialist