Got the fitness down but still aren’t sure what to do at meal time. Talk to our Registered Dietitian and learn how to master the kitchen. We believe in and prescribe real honest food, not fad diets or costly supplements. Our nutrition plans are scalable and will be an invaluable resource for life.

Meal Plan Maker 

If you've always wanted to eat like a pro without the guess work this is the program for you. Our registered dietician will design a customized meal plan based on real foods that YOU like to eat. No guessing, no questions about timing or what to eat when. Just follow the 7-day meal plan and watch your body transform! ($449)

Food Tune Up

This program is perfect for making changes to your current routine to meet your personalized nutrition and fitness goals. Our dietician will review your four-day diet journal to make suggestions for diet modifications, recipe substitutions, meal timing, portion sizing etc. that work to help you reach your goals. ($299)

Maintenance Phase

Already on track with your fitness and nutrition plan but need a little boost of accountability? This program is for those of you who are finding new barriers to keeping your diet on track and need a some expert advice to clear that hurdle. ($149)

Q & A session

If you just have a few questions about your current program or what possible steps to take next, schedule a Q & A session with our expert dietician to help you put one foot in front of the other and get on track. ($75)

Shopping Experience

Ranges from $100-$300 depending on duration and travel

The goal of our nutrition program is to teach you effective tools to manage the kitchen in 2-3 months and then move you to a maintenance phase. We want to provide you with a framework to feel empowered and successful on the inside so you can enjoy the hard work you put into the outside. You won't need 3Fit to coach you for life, but you'll always be 3Fit once you've completed our comprehensive nutrition program.