Growing up in the Bay Area, Jon was surrounded by the techie environment. Most of his time growing up focused on thinking about or training in martial arts. Being a "traditionalist" for a long period of time, he was still missing key pieces into developing and growing his body and performance.

That change when he first began training in MMA.

Many injuries later, and after a switch to the sport of Boxing, he found a home in the training and practice of movement training. His goal is not only to make the body look good, but also be capable of doing incredible feats. Whether its standing on one's hands or moving with power, speed, and grace.


A fan of geekery and nerdism. Jon enjoys anything from watching the next mcu to talking about the impending amazon robot takeover.


5+ Years Boxing Coaching

10+ Years Martial Arts Instruction

A.A.S. in Computer Graphics from Silicon Valley College


AFI Certified Fitness Trainer

GMB Certified Movement Trainer