Jane was born and raised in Scotland and from a young age developed a love of sports and physical movement that still continues today. She played and later coached a wide range of sports including soccer, field hockey, running, bodybuilding and martial arts.

Jane emigrated to Canada in 1996 and later the US and was immediately excited about the evolving fitness industry in North America and the many opportunities it presented.

She became a certified personal trainer in 2000 and has been working with clients of all ages, fitness levels and from every walk of life ever since. Jane trains with the approach that the body should move naturally and balanced to ensure a long, healthy and pain free life.


Art and photography are two of Jane’s passions in her free time. With a background in fine art photography, she is also a self-taught painter, sculptor and woodworker and she primarily works with recycled and salvaged materials. She enjoys spending time with her two teenage kids and living a healthy, balanced life of work and play too.


BA Photography & Audio-Visual Technology

NASM personal trainer

ACE personal trainer

ACSM personal trainer

TRX certified trainer