Our fitness, nutrition, and lifestyle coaching helps people live healthier lives. 


3Fit helps people make lasting and positive changes to their overall health and well being through effective science-based personal training and nutritional guidance. We don't just train people to be successful in the gym. We teach clients how to effectively integrate fitness and nutrition so they can be fit and healthy for the rest of their lives. Whether your goal is weight loss, injury prevention, or gaining strength and fitness, we can help. 

Most of our clients come from the Sunnyvale, Cupertino, and Santa Clara tech industry though we serve all different types of people. We are known for our individual personal training and partner training but we cater to all types of fitness and nutrition needs. Everyone is different after all.


** $99 for 1 comprehensive assessment and 2 fundamentals sessions **

  • What: Three 1-hour, one on one personal training sessions
  • Who: This is designed for anyone interested in personal training or group classes looking to improve their overall health and fitness. 
  • Why: Assessing your current level of fitness and ability is necessary to building (or revamping) a successful exercise routine. Once you've understood your starting point, you can then hone your skills through our fundamentals sessions to further improve your technique, or correct any imbalances you may have. For the individual seeking personal training, this intro package will help them develop a baseline and outline the sequence of movements necessary to make lasting changes in their health. It's also perfect for the  group class goers so they can make the most of their class without feeling overwhelmed by complex multi-joint movements. With this package you'll be a doer, not just a follower in your group class. 

Personal training

This is what we do best so you can be your best. 

Personal Training

Group Classes

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